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Bringing a Dress to Life

  • Bringing a Dress to Life

    Step 2: Sketching

    It was in my first year of high school during Art class that I realized I couldn’t draw. My ideas always translated better when they weren’t, well, translated. They were clearer to me before…

  • Bringing a Dress to Life

    Step 1: Daydreaming

    My favorite part about the dressmaking process is dreaming about something that doesn’t exist yet. It’s like being a child, when the possibilities are endless and reality hasn’t had the chance to say “this…

  • Bringing a Dress to Life

    Linen: Pretty Close to Perfect

    Beauty. Sustainability. Strength. Linen fabric embodies almost everything you could want in your clothing. It is: -3x stronger than cotton, and gets stronger when wet (unlike its rayon counterpart) -due to the incredible length…

  • Bringing a Dress to Life

    What You Never Knew About Silk

    A texture that resembles liquid falling through your fingertips. A sheen that rivals a freshly cut diamond. These qualities can only be found in the world’s most luxurious fabric. Chinese history states¬†that the production…

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