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  • Fabric Series

    Linen: Pretty Close to Perfect

    Beauty. Sustainability. Strength. Linen fabric embodies almost everything you could want in your clothing. It is: -3x stronger than cotton, and gets stronger when wet (unlike its rayon counterpart) -due to the incredible length…

  • Fabric Series

    Polyester: The Wild Child

    It’s the #1 fiber in some of the most beautiful lace fabric. It’s also the #1 fiber in our landfills, taking up to 200 years to decompose. I will be honest, I wasn’t jumping…

  • Fabric Series

    Cool Facts About Cotton

    Cotton has been called “the fabric of our lives.” And for good reason. We grow it. We wear it. We carry it in our wallets. We even eat it. Keep reading for some cool…

  • Fabric Series

    What You Never Knew About Silk

    A texture that resembles liquid falling through your fingertips. A sheen that rivals a freshly cut diamond. These qualities can only be found in the world’s most luxurious fabric. Chinese history states that the production…

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