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  • Jacoba Jane Blog

    Why I Did It Myself vs. Hiring Out

    I didn’t go to fashion school. In some way, I always felt like I didn’t deserve to call myself a designer because I didn’t have a degree from Parsons on the wall of my…

  • Journal

    I Used To Follow My Dreams

    I used to follow my dreams. This aimless, shapeless being called “your dream” is glorified by society as the epitome of all happiness, serving as the guiding light of the entrepreneurship community. It’s universal…

  • Journal

    2018: Perspective

    I wish I could say I started 2018 with a loud (and productive) bang. But the last days of 2017 and the first few days of 2018 brought me doubt, lack of direction and…

  • Journal

    5 Ways to Push Through a Creative Slump

    The natural ebb and flow of life brings both bolts of inspiration and valleys that feel void of fresh ideas. It’s during these vulnerable, doubt-filled times that we can feel fraudulent and undeserving of the creative…

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