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Cool Facts About Cotton

Cotton has been called “the fabric of our lives.” And for good reason.

We grow it.

We wear it.

We carry it in our wallets.

We even eat it.

Keep reading for some cool facts about the fabric you’re probably wearing right now.

-Cotton is both a food and a fibre. The cotton seeds can be found in animal feed and grocery stores (cottonseed oil). It is high in vitamin E.

-American paper money is made up of 75% cotton and 25% linen.

-Cotton clothing will not lose its shape. If you’re worried about your clothes stretching or ‘bagging,’ look for a cotton blend that contains 5% spandex or less.

-Chambray is a type of cotton commonly used for work shirts. This is where we get the term “blue collar.”

-Cotton is not a wicking fabric, rather it will soak up any moisture and retain it. It will not make a good base layer if you are running or hiking in cold weather.

-Historically, denim fabric was produced in Nimes, France. Denim’s name is derived from “serge de Nimes” (fabric of Nimes).

Was there anything that surprised you about our beloved cotton? Let me know below!

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