Bringing a Dress to Life

Step 1: Daydreaming

My favorite part about the dressmaking process is dreaming about something that doesn’t exist yet. It’s like being a child, when the possibilities are endless and reality hasn’t had the chance to say “this isn’t possible.”

Before I even start thinking about how I’ll bring the dress to life –before I begin to assemble the raw materials, ponder the craftsmanship techniques I’ll use, etc. — I usually think about the woman who will be wearing it.

A dress is only as valuable as the moments when it’s put to use.

Hanging in the closet, it doesn’t offer much more than a twinge of excitement for the owner when she thinks about how much fun it will be to step out in it.

No one goes to the grocery store and selects the finest ingredients, carefully prepares each one in accordance with the Gourmet Laws of Fine Cooking (if that’s actually a thing, please send a copy my way) and then sits down to enjoy the fruits of their labor… alone.

If you do, hats off.

Clothing is meant to be worn and enjoyed, and dreaming about where a client is going is only the starting point to creating something magical.

Photo credits: Margo & Me, Pinterest, Instagram

Who she’s with, how she’s feeling, what she’s doing, what she’s celebrating, even what she’s eating and drinking… these small details all come together to form a mosaic of emotions that I aim to capture and make tangible with every dress.

Many designers have a muse.


a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.
synonyms: inspiration, creative influence, stimulus;

“the poet’s muse”

But taking that daydream a step further and really exploring the details of the situation breathes life into what I create.

In the end, she is what turns the noise into music.




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