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What You Never Knew About Silk

A texture that resembles liquid falling through your fingertips.

A sheen that rivals a freshly cut diamond.

These qualities can only be found in the world’s most luxurious fabric.

Chinese history states that the production of silk fabric was such a coveted secret that the reveal of its origins to outsiders would result in death.

Though difficult to work with at times, the results always make it worthwhile.

Here are a few more fun facts about my favorite fabric.

-Silk is a self adjusting fabric suitable for all climates. Lightweight insulation properties keep you warm in the winter, while great absorbency wicks away moisture in the summer.

-One of the strongest natural fibres, silk can be stretched 30-40% before breaking.

-Silk bedding is recommended for those who suffer from dust mite allergies. There is a naturally occurring substance that’s found in the silk cocoon that resists harmful threats. This substance isn’t harmed in the fabric-making process, rendering silk hypoallergenic. 

-Silk is sometimes used in biomedical devices and wound dressings because it can eventually dissolve and be absorbed into the body.

-A silk worm diet of 100% mulberry leaves will produce the highest quality silk. It takes 154lbs (70kg) of mulberry leaves to produce one silk dress.

-The annual world production of silk is an average of 70 billion miles of thread — a distance equal to approx. 300 trips to the sun. 

Our upcoming line of dresses with emphasis the use of this exquisite fabric. There simply isn’t a better choice for the making of luxury dresses.

However, silk isn’t without its downfalls.

It’s also:

-expensive — garments made with silk can be tens of times more costly than those made of polyester or rayon

-needs special care — often dry clean only

-not practical — stains easily with water, perspiration, and even some soaps

-can yellow with age

-will not look new forever

As with all fabrics, you simply can’t have it all. Though silk does come pretty close.



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