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What Does "Bias Cut" Mean?

What Does "Bias Cut" Mean?

Bias cut means that the pieces used to make the garment were cut on the diagonal grain of the fabric, not parallel to the straight or cross grains. In layman’s terms, cutting fabric at a 45 degree angle gives it more stretch which results in it softly accentuating body lines and curves while still offering ease of movement.

Our favourite part of the finished bias cut dress is the easy fluidity of the fabric, which is why all the dresses in the collection are cut on the bias. Visually, it creates a superior drape. Practically, it creates stretch without spandex. 

It’s important to note that bias cut items don’t offer the same wearing experience as spandex, which grabs the body because there is no ease. Ease is defined as the space between the body and the garment when it’s worn. To get into the nitty gritty, when a garment has spandex in it, there is usually a negative amount of ease built in which is why it hugs you tightly. 

This isn’t always the goal when choosing a dress, so if you are looking for something that skims the waist and flows over the hips without hugging you tightly, a dress cut on the bias may be worth considering. 

For those of you that have tried a bias garment and thought it wasn’t for you—quality fabric is essential. A good silk will lie smoothly against your skin and be a joy to wear.


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